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Why Use Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain on Vertical Wood

by RAD Products

Restore A Deck Solid Color StainWhen using Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain on the verticals or railings of a deck, you can create a two-toned deck that looks great and can ease the maintenance down the road.

There are several advantages to having Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain on your vertical wood or railings.

  • The ability to color match the railings and vertical wood to blend with the color of the house.
  • Solid stains on vertical wood/railings can last 2-3 times longer or up to 6 years with little to no maintenance. Note that solid stains will fail much quicker on horizontal flooring and can be harder to maintain.
  • Choosing Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain for the verticals and Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Stain for the horizontals will reduce the need for maintenance to every 2-3 years for the floors and every 4-6 years for the verticals

See this for more info on having a Restore-A-Deck Two-Toned Deck


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Synda Crawford
Synda Crawford
3 years ago

We are wanting to stain/protect a dock we spend lots of time on with bare feet. We are replacing about half of the boards as they are bad but others still look great after 15 yrs. we do not care about wood grain just good coverage. We are thinking about RAD solid stain but we want to ensure we can retreat every few years by just power wash. Suggestions

Teri  La Chonce
Teri La Chonce
3 years ago

Please tell me the products I need for this deck. #1 Clean OR strip? and do I need to do step #2 brighten? and my biggest question, if ALL the previous paint doesn’t come off do I need to strip it off or can I used the solid? I notice you only promote the solid for vertical use but what about decks that have paint securely adhering?

Avatar photo
4 years ago

I am in the process of choosing a product to refinish the wood siding on my house. I’m located in the North Georgia mountains so there is a lot of sunshine exposure through the year and some extremes of temperature variation.

The house was built in 2005 and has not been refinished to my knowledge. I’ve only owned for a few months.

Because there is a fair bit of repaired woodpecker damage I think I have no choice but to go back with a solid stain. I’d really appreciate input to help clear up some questions regarding preparation and applicability of the solid color Restore A Deck product.

Q: The condition of the wood siding is generally quite sound however it has darkened to about the color of a walnut stain. Very dark. I want the final product to be a blue grey color. The current finish is a transparent stain so there is no cracking or peeling of the current finish. As I am planning to apply an opaque product do I need to use a Brightener? Is a pressure wash and repair of any current damage an adequate preparation for the solid stain?

Q: Can the solid stain be tinted to a variety of colors?

Q: Can an additive be used to help deter Carpenter Bees?

Q: Is this product considered an elastomeric?

Q: I probably will ask this question inadequately, however. Does this product breath? I understand that the product should “breath” to allow moisture to escape from the wood.

Thanks for indulging my lack of knowledge… There seems to be no end to the understanding that needs to be acquired to properly address this task!

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