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Restore-A-Deck Stain for New Wood

by RAD Products

RAD STAIN 1gal MenuWhen working with newly installed wood and decking surfaces, the Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain is ideal after 3-6 months of natural weathering. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain’s long-lasting composition works hard to absorb quickly and penetrate deep into the wood grain to withstand the elements and stay true to its beautiful finish long after the staining project is complete.

Before beginning the staining process, it is recommended that new wood surfaces be installed 3-6 months before prepping and staining. To prep new wood surfaces after the waiting period, use Restore-A-Deck Cleaner. It’s concentrated powder formula is cost-effective, easy to transport, and especially good at removing dirt, grime, mold, and mildew that is prone to showing up on new wood surfaces.

Note: Kiln dried and KDAT wood still needs to weather after install. About 1-2 months. Rough sawn cut wood does not need to weather.

After the new wood has been cleaned, the wood will appear slightly darker. To restore the wood and neutralize the pH, use Restore-A-Deck Brightener to lighten it to its original appearance. The RAD Wood Brightener further opens the wood pores for an ideal surface to apply Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain.

Following Restore-A-Deck Wood Brightener, continue with Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain. Unlike other brands of wood stain, Restore-A-Deck’s formula can be applied to wood surfaces following the Brightener on the same day on damp wood or can be applied to dry wood on following days. If applying to damp wood, it is recommended to allow the wood to dry 2-4 hours after prep is complete.

Only 1 coat should be applied to new wood that is less than 9 months old for the RAD semi-transparent stain. A light maintenance coat of the RAD semi-transparent stain should be applied 12-18 months after the first coat was applied. Every 2-3 years after that is normal.

For the RAD Solid Color Stain, apply 2 coats. Reapply as needed down the road.

Restore A Deck Stain Application Tips

If you have any questions, please comment below.

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Scott only carries wood deck stains and wood restoration products that perform best based on his experience using the products and his 30+ years of helping others. Scott has been approached about selling numerous restoration products through the years but selects only the products he has used and trusts to perform.
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Chris Mattei
Chris Mattei
5 hours ago

I have a deck with old boards covered in peeling Ben Moore arbor coat. I have replaced many boards with new pressure treated pine. I want to coat with a solid color stain. I think I need to strip because the current stain is failing. Which products do I use in which order? Do I need brightener after stripping? Do I wait three to six months to start the process or strip and brighten now?

8 days ago

I want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly this time with the new 5/4 treated decking I installed.
Northern Michigan – Deck gets LOTS of Sun; I used hidden fasteners- which makes it very barefoot friendly!
Here’s my plan and I would appreciate any advice or feedback on where I might have gone wrong:
1. Wait three months after the new 5/4 treated installation (it was Installed in early June; plan to stain in August).

2. Sand the entire deck by hand with 80 grit orbital sander.
3. Spray the deck with water, then apply RAD cleaner, wait 15 min, scrub, and rinse well.
4. Apply RAD brightener, wait 15 min, then rinse well (same day as cleaner).
5. Wait 2-4 hours and then use RAD Semi Stain, making sure the wood is slightly wet as I stain using a water sprayer.
6. Stain boards against the house – the full length with a brush.
7. Work on only two boards at a time, completing the entire length before moving to the next two boards, ensuring to run the stain out of the brush and then backbrush the entire length.
I have ordered semi and solid RAD stain samples as well as the RAD cleaner and brightener.
I plan to test out my samples. Should I sand, clean, and brighten these small boards to get the true ending color?
Thank you for all the help on this site!
Will post pics when I am done!

6 days ago
Reply to  RAD Products

Thank you so much — will post pics and let everyone know… FINALLY I feel like I found the right products…. after many years…..

1 month ago

First time staining our pool deck, I have all the supplies but am a bit nervous if chlorine will transform and discolor the stain over use this summer? Any tips on pool deck staining to avoid this (I have semi-transparent cedar)?

1 month ago

We applied RAD one coat of semi-transparent stain last summer to a new pool deck and looking to apply our second coat this week. Just to be sure i am following the stated directions..

Only 1 coat should be applied to new wood that is less than 9 months old for the RAD semi-transparent stain. A light maintenance coat of the RAD semi-transparent stain should be applied 12-18 months after the first coat was applied.

Even though it does not say it we use cleaner, brightener, then stain correct? And with the Wet on Wet application i can do this all in one day?
thanks !

1 month ago
Reply to  RAD Products

thanks much!

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