Restore A Deck Light Walnut Stain on IPE

Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain works very well for exotic hardwoods such as IPE, Mahogany, Tigerwood, etc.  Restore-A-Deck wood stain’s long-lasting composition works hard to absorb quickly and penetrate deep into the hardwood grain to withstand the elements and stay true to its beautiful finish. Even with Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain, yearly maintenance is still necessary for exotic hardwoods. That’s just the nature of the beast when dealing with an Ipe/Hardwood decks. Maintenance can be done by lightly washing the deck with the Restore-A-Deck deck cleaner and allowing it to dry. A thin maintenance coat of the same color RAD deck stain can then be applied.

RAD Stain Steps


Before beginning the staining process, it is recommended that wood surfaces be prepped and staining. To prep wood surfaces that do not have a previous coating or doing a maintenance coat of the RAD Stain, use Restore-A-Deck Cleaner and Brightener. It’s concentrated powder formula is especially good at removing dirt, grime, mold, and mildew that is prone to showing up on wood surfaces. If a previous semi-transparent coating is on the wood of a different brand, use the RAD Stain Stripper and Wood Brightener. Note, the RAD stripper will not remove solid stains, over applied acrylics, etc. Sanding would be needed for these scenarios.

Note for New Hardwood: New IPE and other Exotic Hardwood needs to weather after install. About 3+ months. Prep with the Restore-A-Deck Cleaner and Brightener Kits

After the new wood has been cleaned or stripped, the wood will appear slightly darker. To restore the wood and neutralize the pH, use Restore-A-Deck brightener to lighten it to its original appearance. The RAD Wood Brightener further opens the wood pores for an ideal surface to apply Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent wood stain.

Following Restore-A-Deck Wood Brightener, continue with Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain. Unlike other brands of wood stain, Restore-A-Deck’s formula can be applied to wood surfaces following the Brightener on the same day on damp wood or can be applied to dry wood on the following days. If applying to damp wood, it is recommended to allow the wood to dry 2-4 hours after prep is complete.

Only 1 coat should be applied to exotic hardwoods and IPE. A light maintenance coat of stain should be applied 12 months after the first coat was applied. Every year after is normal for exotic hardwoods.

Restore A Deck Stain Application Tips

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    Mark · 08/25/2019
    I have a 2 year old Ipe deck that I have not previously stained. I used RAD cleaner and brighter last year (using brush instead of power wash) and was very happy with the result. I am planning on doing the same again this week (but with power wash instead of brush clean...), and then following up with a RAD stain. What stain variant should I use?
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    Barbara · 08/03/2019
    I have a 22 year old ironwood deck that was stained once after installation and allowed to gray naturally after that. The vertical elements of the deck at pressure-treated. After cleaning, it all looks very good for its age but there is some minor cracking and softening and even slight cupping in places so I'm planning to apply a penetrating semi-transparent stain after using the RAD brightener. Because I'm fine with the natural graying of the wood, this is really just for maintaining the wood itself and I hope not to have to reapply every year. Which stain do you think is best for my purposes? I have not found much about the RAD stain online - it is not reviewed by Consumer Reports, I suppose because it is new. How many years do you have experience with this formulation? If I use the RAD product, is it better to apply after the ironwood has dried for a couple of days instead of applying wet? I'm more interested in doing what is best for the wood than convenience.


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      RAD Products · 08/03/2019
      Ironwood being an exotic hardwood will require an annual cleaning and reapplication. This is normal for all hardwoods and exterior deck stains. For Ironwood, it would be best to let the wood dry before applying. the RAD Stain. Use the RAD Stain in Light Walnut semi-transparent. Just one coat.
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        Barbara · 08/03/2019
        How many years experience do you have so far with this product?
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          RAD Products · 08/03/2019
          3-4 years in real-time. 5-6 in test environments.
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    Pat · 07/01/2019
    I have 2 mahogany decks that were last treated approximately 5 years ago. Most likely have an oil based stain which is pretty much nonexistent.. which products should I use ? Thanks
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      RAD Products · 07/02/2019
      Prep with the Cleaner/Brightener Kits and pressure washing. Apply the RAD semi-transparent stain in Light Walnut.