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Restore-A-Deck Prep & Stain Contest 2023

by RAD Products

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The RAD Wood Restoration 2023 Contest is closed!

First Place

Erich Radauscher

First Place = $500

Second Place

Brendan Biegel

Second Place = $250

Third Place

Charlie F

Third Place = $150

Thanks to all the entries this year! All entries were excellent and that made it very hard to choose the winners!

We will be contacting the winners via email.

Restore-A-Deck 2023 Wood and Deck Restoration Contest Details

    • All Restore-A-Deck Prep and Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain must be purchased first from this online eCommerce site ( between January 1st – September 6th, 2023.
    • The Restore-A-Deck 3-Step Process must be used.
    • The deadline for entry is September 20th, 2023.
    • The winners will be decided by October 15th, 2023 by our team.

The RAD Contestant Winners will Receive

  • First Place = $500
  • Second Place = $300
  • Third Place:= $150

How To Enter Contest

  1. Enter by September 20th, 2023.
  2. In the comment section below, post a short description of your deck/wood staining project, the Restore-A-Deck products used to prep, and the Restore-A-Deck Stain Color used. Was the Restore-A-Deck Stain applied the same day as the prep? Yes or No?
  3. Examples of wood projects that can be entered: Decks, Fences, Wood Side Homes, Log Cabins, etc.
  4. 1-2 pictures before the prep of the wood. You can still enter if you do not have the before pictures.
  5. 1-2 pictures after the prep of the wood using the RAD Prepping Products. You can still enter if you do not have the after prep pictures.
  6. 2 pictures after the staining using the Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain must be included.
  7. If having trouble uploading the pictures, please make your picture(s) size smaller (below 3 MB).

Any questions or issues posting, please ask in the comment area.

We look forward to all the entries!

*Disclaimer: All products must be purchased from The contest is not open to products purchased from other online dealers or from physical stores. All 3-Steps in the Restore-A-Deck system will need to be used to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place: Step 1: Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner or Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper. Step 2: Restore-A-Deck Wood Brightener. Step 3: Restore-A-Deck Wood Stains.

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Charlie F
Charlie F
2 months ago

My back deck had peeling paint everywhere, wood rot, and lots of termite damage. You can see the peeling paint and termite damage in the before photos. What I thought would be a two week project took over four months. After the termites were treated and the wood rot was removed, it was time to strip off the old layer of paint from the deck.

The first product I used was the RAD Paint & Solid Stain Stripper. I applied a liberal layer across my desk and then used a power washer to strip as much of the old paint off as I could. This was honestly the hardest and most time consuming part. But I wanted the deck to look flawless so I took a metal paint scrapper and chipped off any remaining old paint the pressure washer didn’t remove. After that I sanded everything down to make sure there weren’t any splinters.

After the old paint was removed I used Restore-A-Deck Brightener and then washed that off. For the color I decided to go with the Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain – Coastal Gray. At first I applied two coats of paint but started to see a little bit of the older dark paint showing through so I finished with one very light third coat.

I love the light tone of this paint and it’s made my back deck feel very peaceful. Plus the deck stays way cooler on hot days. My friends and family think I am crazy for how much time I invested into this project, but I’m so proud with how everything turned out. Check out the after photos to see the finished deck.

2 months ago

After using 2 other products recommended but friend and reviews that did not remove old stubborn stains, I returned the products and tried Restore A Deck. To my surprise, it worked! It removed all stain to natural wood. I did have to sand as I got to close to the wood when pressure washing but I was so excited to see the stain washing off … finally!! Staining in a nice clean line was futile from the start. Drips and overlaps we’re inevitable so I found doing a rag in the stain and washing it in a circular motion over all worked best…like a parchment look, naturally dark and light throughout. I used a flat stain applicator to wedge between the boards and an applicator with a puppet-like mouth that slid along rails. I am 62, female and this was a tough job! Dodging iffy weather didn’t help either. It took about 2 weeks. Stripping/cleaning took about a week itself. Staining was 2 days for 2 coats. We used the entire recommended set with the exception of the stain additive to thicken it for rails etc. Wish I had gotten that now. We used the pecan stain and love it. Visitors have commented on how beautiful it is too and we’re going to purchase for their own deck. I’m looking forward to seeing how it weathers or Indiana winter. Will apply the deck wash when entering this year. So worth it!

Erin Fedor
Erin Fedor
2 months ago

Before purchasing the RAD 3-step system this May, I researched this and many other products, and read tons of reviews. Let me tell you—it was worth it! I could not be more pleased with the results! The cleaner and brightener were easy to use and worked beautifully to prep my deck. I was especially impressed with the difference after brightening—it provides such a pure, clean base for the application of the stain! The stain (I used Cedar Semi-Transparent) was easy to work with and clean up, and the deep, rich tone of the stained wood is not too dark and not too orange, just perfect for my taste! I applied 2 coats, wet on wet, using a 6 inch hand-held deck brush. I purchased the Wooster 14” inch deck brush and big boy bucket, but my perfectionism would not allow me to use it. I opted to hand brush the floor this time due to the details and funny angles around the pool. I think I have figured out a technique that will allow me to use the floor brush next spring—I’ll let you know! My deck is 1 year old treated pine, and measures 30 by 30, surrounding half of our above ground pool. I estimated 1000 square feet including railings, lattice, and steps, and ordered 10 gallons, but used just over 5. I’m not sure if it was an error in my calculations or what, but I’m happy to have extra to give my deck a pick-me-up next spring! I was not able to prep and stain in the same day due to the size of my project, however, I am a busy 44 year old mom of 3, and this entire project took place over 5 days with plenty of interruptions in between, so if I can do it, so can you! After 3 and 1/2 months in Northeast Ohio of sunning and swimming, my deck looks as gorgeous as it did right after I stained it! I highly recommend this product to everyone!

Erin Fedor
Erin Fedor
2 months ago
Reply to  Erin Fedor

I’m having a difficult time trying to upload pictures to my review. I hope posting them in the comments section works! Also, I have so many more I want to upload, but don’t know how to resize them. Restore-A-Deck’s 3-Step System is much easier than this! 🙂

Erin Fedor
Erin Fedor
2 months ago
Reply to  Erin Fedor

Here are a few more pictures…

Roberta Jennings
Roberta Jennings
2 months ago

In June 2023, we used RAD 3-step process (cleaner, brightener, and semi-transparent Light Walnut stain) on our deck. I have included some pictures from last and current summer, to show our entire journey with the deck and RAD. Both summers, my teenage daughter and I completed the project in two days, prep one day and stain the next day. Frankly, the biggest hassle is moving everything on and off the deck. We discovered a bee’s nest under the deck (3 stings in 15 minutes!), but persevered. Step 1 went smoothly; During Step 2, we got rained on, so not sure if the timing was great for the brightener. Step 3 went well, though it was HUMID and we waited extra long to replace furniture.

Of note, last year, I originally purchased from Amazon, and when the order arrived damaged, RAD saved the day by expediting a shipment directly to us, as we were on a deadline against the rain! This summer, everything purchased directly from RAD, including the wide application brush, which is the bomb.

Deck originally built with new wood, summer 2021.
Pic 1 – 2022, new wood after one year, note stains and weathering, marks from rugs, grease, and furniture.
Pic 2 – 2022, new wood after clean/bright, note uniform color.
Pic 3 – cute dog enjoying the deck.
Pic 4 – 2022, after 1 coat, semi-transparent, Light Walnut (This is my BEFORE picture for 2023 project)
Pic 5 – 2023, after cleaner, brightener, and second coat of semi-transparent Light Walnut.
Pic 6 – 2023, AFTER – that is one good-looking deck!

(I think my pics may be out of order below, but labels should be correct.)

We have appreciated the great customer support from RAD and this website with its helpful comments and instructions.

Mary Ann Paulukonis
Mary Ann Paulukonis
2 months ago

In May we used a RAD Cleaner-Brightener Combo Kit (Natural Semi-transparent) to stain a second-story replacement deck built in mid-summer, 2022. Our contractor would have stained immediately after construction, using a name-brand paint company’s stain, but my research indicated the product didn’t hold up well and that new pressure-treated wood needed to dry for several months. Online research also led me to Restore-A-Deck, where I got answers to all my questions and a recommendation to wait until spring since we couldn’t do the work in October. I ordered supplies during late winter so we’d be ready to work during an opening in a wet, cool spring. Yes, my husband prepped and stained the same day, but, because of age-related physical limitations, we had to divide the project across several days to complete two deck levels and the steps. The results aren’t perfect, likely on account of bright sunlight hitting parts of the deck throughout the day, drying some areas faster than my husband could work. Never-the-less, we’re happy with the look of the natural stain and the way it enhances the beauty of the wood.

Brendan Biegel
Brendan Biegel
2 months ago

I am 20 years old and I own a small pressure washing business that I run during the summer to pay for my schooling and I recently started offering deck staining this summer. My parents used restore-a-deck on their deck a year ago and it still looks brand new so immediately I knew that I was going to recommend restore a deck to all my customers. The pictures show only 1 of 3 decks I used restore a deck on as it would only allow me to add a minimal amount of photos.

For this deck I used the RAD Cleaner, Brightener, Dark Walnut stain, and the staining brush which is an absolute game changer for efficiency and results when staining! I started off with the RAD cleaner in a pump up sprayer which worked super well in the areas that were pretty dirty, then I used the brightener which is my favourite part of the prep because the wood comes out looking brand new every time! Absolutely love the brightener! The prep actually went super quick and it was a pretty hot day so I was able to stain half the deck with the dark walnut stain in the same day as prep! Without the staining brush I never would have even thought of staining it in the same day but that thing is insanely quick and leaves a better finish than anything I’ve used thus far! This was the first time I used the dark walnut stain and I was pleasantly surprised how well it emphasized the natural look of the wood! The next day I finished the rest of the deck in about half a day!

The more I use restore-a-deck for my customers the more I recommend it! My customers love that they will never have to strip it off, which is always the worst part of prep, and instead just reapply the restore-a-deck stain! Overall super clear instructions and just the best materials available on the market in my opinion! Everything you need for any wood staining project is available on this website! All my customers have been blown away with the results! I will continue to recommend this product to all my customers!

PS: The last photo is a testimonial from my customer for this deck

Sara George
Sara George
2 months ago

We recently bought a house with a 35-year-old wood deck with horrific peeling paint covering most of it, save for one area where the floor boards had been replaced but never protected. We used RAD Paint & Solid Stain Stripper to prep where there was old paint, and RAD Cleaner for the new wood, followed by RAD Brightener on the whole deck. We then applied white solid stain to the rails and walnut solid stain to the floor boards. It was magical getting to apply the stain the same day as the prep, and the results are beautiful!

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.30.06 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.30.12 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.30.17 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.30.21 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.29.19 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.29.48 PM.png
Jermaine Penick
Jermaine Penick
2 months ago

I moved into my home in 2014 and had not done anything to the deck since moving in. I was originally going to tear it down and use composite decking to have a “new look” to my home. After much research I decided to “Restore my deck”! I rented a power washer and cleaned my deck because there was nothing to strip off of the deck other than a bunch of algae. I then used the Restore-a-deck brightener which brought it really back to life! My neighbors thought I had a new deck built. I then used the coastal grey solid wood stain, and I am super impressed with the finished product!! I have told all of my friends about these products as they are better than the big box stores!! Now I get to sit out on my deck and have some cold ones and grill all day while looking at my completely restored deck!!

Steve Edgett
Steve Edgett
2 months ago

After a lot of reading, I decided to make the switch to Restore-A-Deck, even though the product is not easily availible here in Canada just yet. The deck was originally build in 2001 and has been refinished many times with failed products or products that just do not last and stand up to our Canadian winters.

I was able to use the straight forward 3-step process as well described on the Restore-A-Deck website. In my case these are the products used:

Step 1: Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper. I added the booster additive, just to make sure I removed all of the previous stans, especially as the previous stain was an oil-based product.

Step 2: Restore-A-Deck Wood Brightener. 

Step 3: Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain – Natural – Semi Transparent

I did steps 1 & 2 in a single day then gave the deck a light sanding on the second day and then applied the new stain. The light sanding only took an hour with a floor sander and 60-80 grit to remove the “fuzzies” or raised grain left from aggressivly pressure washing the old stain off.

Pictures below are before and after as well as after stripping but before wood brightening.

Hard to believe this is a 20+ year old eastern white cedar deck.

2 months ago

This 12 year old deck had Thompson water seal applied 4 different times and I was ready for some color. I did this in 3 days using a pressure washer and the stripper, then the brighter and finally 2 coats of gray stain.
I am very pleased with the results and love the color. These products are easy to use with great instructions. Well worth my time and effort.
The pictures show the before, after stripper, after brighter, dried before staining, first coat of stain and finished project. Both coats applied the same day with a brush.
The deck extension will be applied the same way after it has cured.

Patrick Simpson
Patrick Simpson
2 months ago

In the spring of 2023 I decided I could no longer live with the Behr semi-transparent stain on the deck. Because I had to constantly replace boards and touch up areas, the surface was marbled, not in a good way. I ordered RAD cleaner, brightener and solid stain.

I began by soaking my deck in cleaner, allowing it to set per instructions, and then pressure washed the residue off completely. I allowed the deck to dry completely, and then began sanding. I palm sanded the entire deck, since large portions were still clinging to my deck. Perhaps I should have used the stripper…

Once it was completely sanded, I applied the brightener. I let the brightener dry completely overnight, and the next day I went to staining.

I used a stain brush on a long handle so that I could do this part standing up! I applied two coats as recommended, and it turned out lovely. The pictures tell the story.

Deb Bellingham
Deb Bellingham
3 months ago

I used RAD two summers ago on our deck, but it got pretty beat up from our furniture and snow shovel. I purchased a new supply of stripper, brightened and the solid stain in Coastal Gray. I had to do some sanding in quite a few areas where the stain had come off, so I was unable to get it all done in one day. I stripped and brightened on day 1 and then did two coats of stain (wet on wet) the following morning. I think using a roller instead of a brush made a big improvement and it turned out beautiful. I do not have pics showing the deck after stripping and brightening, just before and after.

Dan Zimmerman
Dan Zimmerman
3 months ago

Deck 2 – Farm house deck/ramp
This deck and ramp was on an older farm house that we own. The deck was 14’x12’. Last year we replaced the old floor boards with new 2×6 treated lumber. We kept the old railing and the 22’ handicap ramp. I thought it might be challenging staining boards with 3 different ages but not to worry.  This spring we used the stripper on the old railing and the ramp with side boards. Next we used the brightener. We then used the cleaner on the newer floor boards followed with the brightener. We pressure washed after each step. We waited until day 2 to stain with semi-transparent stain. We used 4” paint brushes on all railing and side boards and part of ramp. The 14” application brush worked great on floor boards. There was lattice around the base and we used our 2 gal sprayer to apply the stain there. The sprayer worked great. We have used the RAD system on the deck at our home, at a rental house and now at this farm house. We have been pleased with the results at all three places.

Tricia B
Tricia B
3 months ago

My husband and I bought our first house in the summer of 2017. A major selling point for us was the second story back deck. That Fall, the deck started to peel in huge pieces. We spent the spring and summer of 2018 sanding the deck. I love DIYing but felt this was out of my league. We had contractors come to give quotes on a new wood deck, a new composite deck, all out of our budget. I began looking for ways to bring this deck back to life but I was terrified if I chose the wrong product I would end up right back in the same situation. The deck sat unused until I found Restore-A-Deck.

At first I was impressed by the customer service. Endless questions, comments, and answers can be found on the website. If you can’t find what you are looking for you can send in your picture and ask for advice. And they will answer! After asking my questions I felt confident enough that I could accomplish restoring my deck.

I used the Restore-A-Deck Cleaner and Brightener and was amazed at what it achieved. I then used Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain in Brown Oak. I love the product. So easy to apply. I felt so confident and impressed by Restore-A-Deck, I decided to also paint my front porch to match!

Thank you to Restore-A-Deck! We love our deck again and can’t wait to use it for years to come!

First 3 photos show original peeling deck and graying after removing the old stain
Next 3 are after Restore-A-Deck Prep
Final 3 after solid stain in Brown Oak is applied

Keith Bracknell
Keith Bracknell
3 months ago

Last May, our deck (which was last stained in 2018) was looking rough and our daughter’s grad party was coming up at the end of June. I contacted several exterior painters who said that they refinished decks, but out of four only one responded. He came out and provided an estimate of $1200 and said that he would be able to get to us the weekend before the party. I know late spring/early summer weather can bring days of thunderstorms and rain. Because of the high cost and especially the delay in scheduling with the threat of weather, I decided to do it myself. 

The last time the deck was stained, an oil-based stain was used and it took several days before the deck could be walked on. The painter had specified a water based product and touted the fact that it dried much faster than oil based. I started researching my options and found Restore-A-Deck products. I placed an order for a Semi-Transparent Stripper/Brightner Combo Kit with 5 Gallons of Cedar Semi-Transparent stain. We took measurements and decided that we might need an extra gallon of stain, so that was ordered as well. This was all delivered in few days at around one quarter of the price that we were quoted by the painter.

A few days later, the weather forecast looked good and I started early in the morning and did the stripping process that removed the old oil based stain. Then I applied the RAD Brightner that really brought back the wood details. Finally I applied the Cedar Semi-Transparent stain on the still damp wood. This was all done by my wife and I and although we did a bit of touch up the next day, the project was pretty much completed in a day and we were able to walk on the deck the next morning. Very happy with the look of the completed project and the process.

The first three photos below show the deck before the project was started. The next three show it after the stripping/brightening was complete. The final four show the completed project.

John Kelling
John Kelling
3 months ago

I had never restored a deck before. If our decks – we’ve had serveral – started to look unseemly, we moved. It’s not that the deck caused the move – my job did – but they did seem to coincide. Anyway, I’m 82 now and too old to move. Unfortunately, the deck has turned unseemly. The neighbor just had his deck “restored”, so I asked the contractor how much he would charge to do mine. “Around $2500” he said. So, I watched him carefully start and finish with what I would consider a $500 effort at best, hoping that he wouldn’t ask me to do my deck.
Along comes an ad for Restore-A-Deck,highly recommended by just about everyone. The ad gave me confidence that I could do this myself. Understand that any task which is supposed to take one day usually requires me to set aside two weeks to be safe – between runs to the hardware store and searching for tools and redoing what I did wrong.
So far, the job has been delayed a few weeks because the deck has been too warm. But this week, after pickleball, golf and lunches with buddies – important things – the weather broke. The 13 steps came first. WOW. After the stripper and brightener, they looked like new.
Last night, the deck and rail were stripped and brightened. It was more tedious than the steps because the flooring is more frequently abused by moving furniture, storing plants, and the dog playing “shovel”. But, it turned out beautifully. I may brighten it again to see if it gets better.
Now comes the stain – the part I fear the most. Hopefully is goes as easily as the previous two steps. So far, Restore-A-Deck has lived up to it’s promises 100%.

Brittney Kessler
Brittney Kessler
3 months ago

I’m a single mom with three kids with no experience with staining or decks. I had a wooden deck put in by a contractor who just started his business. I paid to have the deck stained but the contractor said he would have to come back in a year since my deck was wood. He ghosted me and I was unable to find him or his company. Two years later my deck is gross looking and I now have trust issues with contractors.  I spent days researching how to stain a deck and what the best product was to use. My research led me to Restore-A-Deck. This is all new to me and I was very nervous about trying to do this by myself. However, I am so glad I did! The whole process was simple and my deck looks amazing! My teenage daughter helped me with all the work. She is really proud of all of her hard work. She has a sense of accomplishment now.  Here are the products I used.

Restore-A-Deck products used to prep: My deck was never stained so I only had to use the  Restore-a-Deck Cleaner and Brightener. It was very simple to use. I was shocked how dirty my deck actually was. It was actually quite filthy. After using the Cleaner, I applied the Brightener and my deck looked like the day it was installed. It looked brand new! I used a pump sprayer to apply the products and just a hose to wash it off. 

 Restore-A-Deck Stain Color used: I used two different colors of the Restore-A-Deck solid stains.  I used Classic White Solid Deck Stain for the railings and part of the steps. I wanted to give a two tone look so I used Coastal Gray Solid Deck Stain for the floor and the other parts of the steps. It was very simple to apply. It looks professionally done and is now very inviting. 

Was the Restore-A-Deck Stain applied the same day as the prep? No, but that is only because my blood sugar kept dropping (I’m new to having Type 1 diabetes-yes you can get that as an adult.) so it took me a few days.

I would highly recommend this product. I was so scared that I was going to ruin my deck since I have no experience but it was so simple that my child was able to do it. I ordered all the products for the website and they arrived fairly quickly.  I would also recommend using the Woosters Pro-Stain brush. It is important to make sure that you have the right applicant tools. 

Screenshot 2023-08-21 160600.png
Screenshot 2023-08-21 160614.png
Screenshot 2023-08-21 160653.png
Screenshot 2023-08-21 160717.png
Screenshot 2023-08-21 160724.png
Screenshot 2023-08-21 160732.png
Screenshot 2023-08-21 160737.png
Dan Zimmerman
Dan Zimmerman
3 months ago

Last year we put new boards on the 12’x24’ deck at this rental house. The floor was 2×6 treated lumber with new rails with wooden spindles. This spring we used the cleaner and brightener the first day. The next day we used with the semi transparent stain on deck and rails. We had used the RAD system on our deck at home so we were prepared for this job.  We recommend the 14” brush for flooring application and wished we would have purchased stain “mittens” for the spindles. I had help with the spindles but did everything else by myself that is why we took 2 days. We are pleased with the results and recommend the RAD products.

3 after.jpg
Marcus M
Marcus M
3 months ago

For this deck project I used the stripper with booster gel, brightener, and light walnut semi-transparent stain. I was able to complete the project in two days. It was a 20×20 deck and I completed it by myself.

Judy Damman
Judy Damman
3 months ago

I am extremely pleased with the results using Restore A Deck products on my 30 year-old deck. I’ve always maintained the deck taking good care to stain when it was needed. In 2022 when I went to purchase the product I have used since the beginning, I was told the product was discontinued and that I would have to completely remove all of the old stain before applying a different brand. I got a few samples, read about products, collected stain samples, but nothing seemed to be what I needed to make my deck look good once again. So, I didn’t get the deck stained in 2022, but I did run across the RAD website and read many testimonials, the many, many questions and answers provided for people just like me who were hoping to save their existing deck. I live in Ohio and as early as March, when the weather was decent, I would go out and scrape the peeling stain, as described in the RAD website. I read and reread all of the information and followed the advice. I scraped, I sanded, I power-washed, I cleaned, I used the products and could actually see as I worked that I was headed in the right direction. I used Coastal Gray solid stain and love the color! I have a lot of railing (86 2×2″ spindles) and I did all the work myself, so I would stain for 2 hours, then give that section the second coat. I continued until all the railings and posts were stained; then I moved to the deck floor and used the same timeframe. I also purchased a recommended RAD brush for applying the stain and that too made the application easier and did a great job. The second coat gave me a feeling of “instant gratification”… just looked so nice and all the prep work was well worth it. My old desk looks quite new again!!

deck before.jpg
deck before 2.jpg
deck brfore 3.jpg
deck before 4.jpg
deck after.jpg
deck after 2.jpg
Janet Yung
Janet Yung
4 months ago

We are currently in process of ordering another gallon of solid brown stain to complete the entire process of Cleaning, Brightening and now staining our deck for the second time in 3 years. We had much less prep to the wood this time as we have replaced quite a bit and sanded a lot the first time around. We attempted to do our 220 sq ft plus additional square footage on balusters and woven “walls”in one day made difficult waiting all June and July to get the right amount of no rain and the availability of my sons.

With 4 very ordinary workers [2 of which are not very adept with brush] we could not make it through the whole process in one day 1; We allowed nearly 7 hours. and we barely got through the cleaning with scrubbing, brightening, and almost the first layer of stain. We will continue applying stain until we get 2 coats on. Hopefully my sons will be willing to stain after working the whole day!
I should also mention that we cleaned deck chairs and two deck storage containers too. My husband took off every other baluster to make getting between them easier. Many of them have been weathering for the past year; so we do have some new wood this year.

I am hoping that with this stain, we can finally get to the point of merely maintaining with this 3 step process and keep the deck looking like new every 2-3 years! We do like the outcome!

Judi Smith
Judi Smith
4 months ago

What a difference! We recently moved into a home with a very neglected deck which was partially made of recycled material from a previous project. After researching different stains, we chose to go with Restore-a-deck. We purchased the stripper, the brightener and the cedar toned semi transparent stain. We were able to strip and brighten the deck in one afternoon, but after starting to stain we ran out of daylight. Then the rain started! We had to wait several days before we could finish the project and we were apprehensive that it would not look as good as if it were completed in one day. However, we are delighted! This product took our 15+ year old deck and made it look like new. (Note: In the last picture the lighting was different) Thank you Restore-a-deck for making making such a great product!

IMG_5736 Small.png
IMG_5743 Small.png
IMG_5737 Small.png
IMG_5803 Small.png
IMG_5802 Small.png
IMG_5757 Small.png
71036999578__ADC30742-C6E4-4985-B004-6CEAC95B29C5 Small.png
Erich Radauscher
Erich Radauscher
4 months ago

I can’t rave enough about your product. I tackled quite the project with staining our dream screened in porch that we finally built. After tons of research, I knew RAD products was the best solution for having quality results that would last as long as I put in the right amount of effort.

The wife and I sanded all of the new wood (tedious), and then applied the Restore-A-Deck Package 300 (Cleaner plus Brightener), inside and out. The next day I began staining using Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent stain on the ceiling (Dark Walnut). We then began the long 35 hours worth of staining the frame with Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain (white), including the rafters (lots of taping!!). Finally, we did the floor (using TWP Pro stain). Screens haven’t been installed yet in these pictures.

I loved the way the solid stain went on (the white). And everything came out great. We certainly appreciate all of the customer service RAD provided, and big thanks to the engineering team who came up with this product. Everything from application to cleanup was improved over any other experience I’ve had previously with other products.

Norm Ephraim
Norm Ephraim
5 months ago

I’d like to post pics of my daughter’s condo porch which required board approval to do so it had to be good. I used RAD paint strip on the previous over applied semi-transparent stain and applied light walnut on the porch using an RAD brush.. Once stripped the wood was an unappealing variegated dark and light pressure treated wood that is 30 years old. After staining, it came out beautifully. The light walnut complements the white pillars in a stunning way. The “before pic is on the left” and the others show the newly refinished porch from different angles.

deck before staining.jpg
deck front view.jpeg
deck front with pillars.jpeg
deck side view.jpeg
Jared Smith
Jared Smith
5 months ago

I just wanted to share my experience with my deck. I bought the restore-a-deck system with the cleaner, brightener and light walnut semi transparent stain. My deck needed some serious cleaning as almost all of the wood had oxidized and turned grey. I applied the cleaner, power washed, and applied the brightener. The results were amazing. I did however, have to sand the entire deck because of the furring that accumulated due to the oxidized wood. After sanding, I stained it. I bought the 14” brush from the site which was a game changer. I bought a staining glove for the spindles which was also a game changer and saved me a ton of time. Here are pics of the deck before and after cleaning and brightening and then the final product after staining. I am very, very pleased.

5 months ago

This was the first time that I have ever attempted a deck stain project but I love DIY stuff so I was up for it. After much reading and research, I decided on restore-a-deck. I bought the cleaner, brightener, deck brush, and light walnut semi-transparent stain all from this site. My deck is about 600 sq ft and made of pressure treated wood. The deck boards were replaced about 6 years ago but have never been stained. Over the years, it became very tarnished and weathered. Adding new railing was also part of my project which is why it is missing in some of the pictures. I did not stain the railing which is Trex. I could not prep and stain in the same day since my deck is so big and the cleaning process took me quite some time to complete alone. I cleaned one day, brightened the next day, then stained the next day using 2 coats wet on wet. So, 3 days total. As you can see from the pictures, the end result was pretty dramatic. I am so pleased and I will definitely be using these products again in the future. 

Kevin Mullins
Kevin Mullins
5 months ago

After replacing a 30 year old poorly maintained cedar deck I decided to use Armstrong Clark Semi Transparent chestnut stain last year . The stain was beautiful on the new treated wood lumber and due to it having high sunlight exposure I decided to clean and reapply the stain using RestoraDeck as the cleaner this will assure a beautiful finished product for years to come. Glad I found this cleaner and wll recommend it to anyone who needs to restore the wood stain finish . Kevin

Debra Oberle
Debra Oberle
6 months ago

I absolutely love this product. This was the second time staining my deck with Restore A Deck products. My railings stayed perfectly however the floor was looking pretty weathered. I did not strip it this time (I stripped the deck the last time as I had a thick, heavy paint like stain on the entire deck and it had been on for 22 years. I did get it all off) This time I purchased the products on 5/24/23. We applied the stain the same day as the prep within about 2 hours of finishing the brightening on 5/28/23. I used Restore A Deck 1.Clean, 2. Brighten and 3.Cedar Semi- Transparent Stain. We sprayed on and power washed the cleaner off, sprayed on and power washed the brightener off and applied the stain with a deck and stain pad, immediately followed by a brush. My deck is 25 years old and in full sun. I have three extremely active, silly dogs so it needed help! I love the outcome!!!

6 months ago

I don’t even care about winning a prize! This stuff works so good the prize is the results at the end of it all. I have nearly more deck than I have house! I’ve owned my house going on 16 yrs, and I used to strip/stain with Sitkens about every 3 – 4 yrs, and hate it every time. Look, I don’t strip anymore ever! I sand first with a large oscillating floor sander 20 grit. Hit it with RAD cleaner, then brightner, then a quick 60 grit sanding. Finally. A coat of RAD stain. I’ve gotten lazy in shaded areas near the wall of the house where the deck meets the siding and the Sitkens was impossible to get off, and stained right over with RAD and no peeling! Can say enough good comments about this RAD stain!

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Joy Messner
Joy Messner
6 months ago

Ready to enjoy for Memorial Day! Happy to refresh my peeling stained porch deck with Restore-a-Deck products. I used the stripper, brightener, and dark walnut stain applied with the brush. I did not do all of the steps in one day, because I’m old (haha) and because I preferred to work in the shade. On the first day, I lightly power washed the porch and then applied the Restore-a-Deck Stripper with a pump sprayer, also purchased from Restore-a-Deck. Then power washed again with great results. I did let it dry overnight and then had to sand off some stubborn areas. And then applied the Restore-a-Deck Brightener, and rinsed well. The next day. I started to stain with Restore-a-Deck Dark Walnut with the Restore-a-Deck yellow brush. It went on like a breeze as I did the wet-on-wet application. Now, I am waiting till tomorrow to allow it to fully dry, will remove the blue paint tape, and put the porch furniture back on the following day. [Weather: Low humidity, temperatures in low to mid 70’s, did most of work in mornings to avoid sun]

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