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Restore-A-Deck In A Day!

• Tired of cleaning and staining your deck year after year?
The secret for a longer-lasting deck finish is to use the products professional wood restoration contractors use. Restore-A-Deck has made these stains, cleaners, and tools available to the public.

• If your wooden deck looks terrible no matter what you try.
We can help with step-by-step directions and FREE how-to advice. There are techniques to make a finish look good and last. Once you learn the secrets from the pros and use the right cleaners and high-quality deck stains, you’ll be able to enjoy your deck more.

Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain can be applied the same day as the prep. 
When using all 3 Steps of the Restore-A-Deck System, you can prep and stain on the Same Day! This reduces your time spent restoring your deck by tying up multiple days or weeks waiting for the weather to cooperate.


RAD Stain Steps

Do-It-Yourself Deck Maintenance

We can walk you through it step by step all in the same day!

The true enjoyment comes when you open your door and step onto a finished wood surface where you can barbecue, throw a party or have a safe place for the kids to play. It is the steps to get there, the actual cleaning and staining, that can be cumbersome. It really comes down to using the right cleaners and stains to make the project easier to tackle yourself. On our products and articles, you can ask any questions you may have and an expert will help you with your particular situation.

How Can RAD Prepping Products Make a Difference?

  • Restore-A-Deck products make the job go much quicker for you
  • Bring life back to older, gray wood decks
  • Get rid of mold, mildew, and dirt
  • Prep new construction for stain
  • Remove failing stain from your wood
  • Restore A Deck Stain Stripper removes sealers and semi-transparent stains
  • R-A-D Prepping Products are concentrates that make 5 liquid gallons
  • Our products were developed by deck cleaning and restoration specialists with special buffers and surfactants to make them gentle yet effective

Restore-A-Deck Professional Wood Stain

Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain can be applied the same day as the prep. 

Restore A Deck Wood Stain

Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain is an advanced, water-based, semi-transparent stain formulation designed to penetrate deep into wood pores for maximum protection and longevity. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain protects wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by water penetration. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain is safe to use, has a low odor, and is easy to clean up with soap and water. It is ideal for all softwood types including pressure-treated pine, cedar, fir, or redwood.

Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain Advantages

Recent advancements in water-based wood stain technology have allowed the active ingredients in the Restore-A-Deck Stain to offer better UV protection, excellent penetration into the wood grain, the ability to apply to damp wood, all in 4 beautiful semi-transparent colors that highlight the natural wood grain.

Restore A Deck: Satisfied Customer with YouTube Video

4 Myths About Deck Cleaning and Staining

Myth #1: Cleaning and staining a deck is not something I can do myself.
While it is true the restoration process can be labor-intensive, which makes it more difficult is using the substandard products available at most home centers. Deck cleaning should be performed as a two-step process. Read more about how professionals perform deck cleaning.
Myth #2: Decks have to be stained every year to stay looking good.
For most wood species this again boils down to performing the proper prep and using quality deck staining products. Certain types of wood will need to have yearly maintenance performed on them. These decks include hardwood varieties such as ipe (ironwood), garapa gold, massaranduba, mahogany, and purple heart among others.
Myth #3: You need a pressure washer to properly clean and prep.
While a pressure washer is a great tool to speed the cleaning of your wood project, Restore-A-Deck is designed to use with a simple deck brush and garden hose. If you own or have access to a power washer, read some pressure washing tips here. 

Myth #4: New construction does not need to be cleaned before staining. 
When a deck undergoes construction it is subjected to dirty feet as well as exposure to mold spores. In addition, there is often mill glaze which will prevent deck stains from penetrating the wood. A two-step cleaning process is as crucial to new construction as it is to older, graying decks.

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