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RAD Products and Potential Issues With Other Surfaces

by RAD Products

Professional wood care experts designed Restore-A-Deck products to be one of the safest, most convenient and efficient wood cleaning products available. However, RAD products can cause potential issues with other surfaces besides wood. Because of the tough cleaning nature of these products especially the RAD stripper, other surfaces may be damaged when care is not taken.


Plants and Shrubbery

When using RAD products on a deck or fence there will likely be landscape plants and shrubbery in the area. It is best to pre-wet plants and bushes prior to coating the wood with cleaner, stripper or brightener. After cleaner is applied, rinse the plants with fresh water. Continue cleaning the wood and rinse the landscaping several times while washing and once again when you are finished. Sensitive plants may need to be covered with tarps or plastic. Take care when covering plants on a hot day. Pre-wet the plants prior to covering and re-rinse once you uncover them.

Aluminum Siding

If you are cleaning wood next to your home that has aluminum siding you need to be careful. Aluminum siding becomes oxidized over time and may have a chalky residue on the surface. RAD cleaners that are splashed onto aluminum siding may remove the oxidation and spot or streak up the siding. It is best to pre-wet the siding, spray the cleaner on the wood and immediately re-rinse the siding again to prevent marking it up. If you have already marked up aluminum siding it can be painted. Another option may be to remove all the oxidation off the aluminum so it all looks the same again but be careful not to remove too much paint.

Metal Spindles and Painted Surfaces

The same goes for metal spindles and painted surfaces. RAD cleaners can remove the oxidized paint on these surfaces and create streaks. Pre-wet and rinse before, during and after the cleaning process. Or you can protect these surfaces with tape, plastic and tarps. If you are unsure how RAD might affect these surfaces you can do a little test spot just to be sure.

Glass in Windows and Patio Doors

Glass surfaces are another issue that most people do not consider but it is easy to prevent as long as you know. Simply pre-wet and rinse before, during and after using RAD products. Do not allow the cleaners to hit a dry window or to be left to dry on a window. Allows rinse the glass prior to applying, after applying, and once finished washing. Be especially cautious on a hot day. If RAD products are left on glass try washing them with a house wash detergent. A 50/50 mix of vinegar and water can work as well.

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8 months ago

Is the cleaner and brightener safe for my asphalt driveway that has recently been seal coated?

4 years ago

Will the cleaner or brightener discolor new concrete and does new cedar wood already dried to 11% and stored inside for 6 months need to be cleaned and brightened or can I skip that?

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6 years ago

How about with powder coating? My deck railing is wood with powder coated aluminum balusters. The balusters are anchored to the wood with plastic caps. Do the RAD products react to powder coating the same way as a conventional painted baluster?

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