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Advantages To Using a Pressure Washer With RAD Products

by RAD Products

Restore-A-Deck (RAD) products are specifically designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner wanting to get professional results. The RAD products were formulated by professional woodcare experts. This easy to use two-step system will make the job of bringing your deck back to life easier and quicker. The RAD products were designed to use with a simple deck brush and garden hose for homeowners whom do not have a pressure washer. A deck brush used with these products will get rid of gray wood fibers, mold, mildew and dirt. With that said if you do have access to a pressure washer it can have great advantages to using with RAD products.

If you do not own a pressure washer you can rent one from a local hardware center. Try to get the one with the highest GPM (gallons per minute). The higher the GPM the faster you will be able to wash. The pressure is not as crucial since you should not clean wood with high pressure anyway. Excessive pressure can cause serious damage to your deck. Damage can differ from raised grain and splinters to wand marks that will show up even more after staining.

Using only a pressure washer without suitable cleaners like RAD will also generate poor results. Try to buy or rent a nozzle that will lower the pressure to around 800 psi. That is all that is needed to clean the wood effectively and without damage while using RAD products. If you cannot get a different nozzle then be sure to hold the tip of your gun 12-18 inches from the wood surface while cleaning.

One of the biggest advantages to using a pressure washer with RAD products is cleaning speed. You can clean an area much faster with a pressure washer than a deck brush. If you have a large deck this can mean the difference of hours of labor. When using a pressure washer you do not have to use a deck brush at all.

Another advantage is effectiveness. With RAD products breaking down the pollutants a pressure washer has the perfect amount of agitation to clean down deep into the pores and cracks of the wood for an extremely thorough cleaning.

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John Leddy
John Leddy
6 years ago

The home we purchased has a badly worn deck floor but the rails seem fine and the top rail and steps have new wood. How do I determine whether the floor stain and rails were stained with a solid color stain. What products should I order to redo the total deck which is only 8×12.

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