We would love for our customers to post a testimonial and a few pictures that are finished with the Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain and Prepping Products. Please include a short description and the RAD product(s) used to prep the wood and the stain color. There is a link to upload photos in the bottom right corner of the comment area.

Please include:

Restore-A-Deck Stain Color Used:

Restore-A-Deck Prepping Products used:

Was the Restore-A-Deck Stain Applied the Same Day as Prep? Yes or No:

Wood Type:

For more awesome pictures of the RAD 3-Step Process, see our 2018 Contest: Restore-A-Deck 2018 Contest

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    Debbie · 07/14/2019
    I have a very long deck and I'm planning my best procedure. How do I stain without getting the stopping and starting marks? I'm assuming I'll have to stop to pick up more stain as I go along because the length is so long I won't be able to do it in one long sweep.
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      RAD Products · 07/14/2019
      Keep a wet edge and do the entire board length as you dip your pad or brush into the stain tray. Moving quickly you should be fine.
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    Mike S · 06/05/2018
    Used the 3-step process for my deck. Turned out awesome!

    Step 1 Deck Cleaner
    Step 2 Brightener
    Step 3 RAD Stain in Cedar

    This was a 10+ year-old dock, never been stained.
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    Alex D · 05/22/2018
    I did the deck in one day. Over 500SF, plus spindles and a seating area. All-in, I'd guess 600+ SF of area. I started in the morning, around 9am. Finished stripping & brightening by 12-12:30pm. Began staining at 3:30pm, finished staining around 7:30pm. Long day.

    I used:
    - RAD Stripper, brightener, stain
    - Wood staining brush https://www.restore-a-deck.com/restore-a-deck-wood-stain/restore-a-deck-wood-staining-brush/flypage.tpl.html
    - Pole to attach to wood staining brush
    - Wooster Bravo Stainer 4" brush for spindles and seating area (https://www.amazon.com/Wooster-Brush-F5116-4-Stainer-4-Inch/dp/B002YCA70A)
    - small plastic bucket for stain and 4" brush
    - plastic paint tray for dipping wood staining brush into stain
    - a 2 gallon hand pump sprayer for stripper & brightener
    - a plastic bucket and funnel (mixed stripper & brightener in the bucket, stirred, and then poured via funnel into the hand pump sprayer to avoid clogged lines in hand pump sprayer)
    - power washer to a) initially loosen & remove chunks of dirt prior to applying stripper, and b) to remove/rinse off stipper & brightener
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    Scott · 05/22/2018
    The color used is the Restore A Deck Dark Walnut. Prepped with the RAD Cleaner and the Wood Brightener.
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    Gary · 05/22/2018
    Ontario Canada. RAD light walnut. RAD Stripped and Brightened. PT wood Floor boards 15 years old. Rails 4 years old. AMAZING PRODUCT!