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Do you think you will have completed the best Restore-A-Deck Exterior Wood or Deck Restoration for 2018?

Take some pride in your hard work and enter our RAD Contest for 2018!

Restore-A-Deck 2018 Contest Details

  • All Restore-A-Deck Prep and Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain must be purchased first from this online eCommerce site (Restore-A-Deck.com) between January 1st - September 5th, 2018.
  • The Restore-A-Deck 3-Step Process must be used.

RAD Stain Steps

  • Deadline for entry is September 15th, 2018.
  • The winners will be decided on September 30th by our team.

The Contestant Winners will Receive

  • First Place = $500 + 5 Gallon Pail of RAD Stain of your choice!
  • Second Place = $250 + 2.5 Gallons of RAD Stain of your choice!
  • Third Place:= $100 + 1 Gallon of RAD Stain or 1 RAD Prep Kit of your choice!
  • All other entries will receive a 5% credit on their purchase from this site. Max $20 per customer/entry.

How To Enter Contest

  1. Enter by September 15th, 2018.
  2. In the comment section below, post a short description of your deck/wood staining project, the Restore-A-Deck products used to prep, and the Restore-A-Deck stain color used. Was the Restore-A-Deck Stain applied same day as the prep? Yes or No?
  3. Example of wood projects that can be entered: Decks, Fences, Wood Side Homes, Log Cabins, etc.
  4. 1-2 pictures before the prep of the wood. You can still enter if you do not have the before pictures. 
  5. 1-2 pictures after the prep of the wood using the RAD Prepping Products. You can still enter if you do not have the after prep pictures. 
  6. 2 pictures after the staining using the Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain must be included.
  7. If having trouble uploading the pictures, please make your picture(s) size smaller (below 3 MB).

Any questions or issues posting, please ask in the comment area.

We look forward to all entries!

*Disclaimer: All products must be purchased from Restore-A-Deck.com. The contest is not open to products purchased from other online dealers or from physical stores. All 3-Steps in the Restore-A-Deck system will need to be used to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place: Step 1: Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner or Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper. Step 2: Restore-A-Deck Wood Brightener. Step 3: Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain. If you used a different brand of stain but still prepped with the RAD prepping products you can still enter to receive a 5% credit (max credit of $20) towards your purchase from Restore-A-Deck.com.

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    Chad · 08/10/2018
    Our deck is 25+ years old, and according to the previous owner, last stained with Thompson’s Water Seal about 5 years ago. We’ve been in the house about a year and although the wood looked to be in decent condition, the deck needed a serious facelift. After a lot of research, I wanted a water-based, semi-transparent stain and decided on the Restore-a-Deck brand. After buying the stain sample pack and testing in a few areas, we decided on the Cedar color (although the Dark Walnut was a close second).

    With a fairly large elevated deck with a pergola, the process took four days spread over two weekends, as we had rain during the week in between. The first weekend I used the RAD Stripper and Brightener and completed prep on most of the deck. For the stripping, I applied with a pump sprayer and used a pressure washer. I repeated the stripping process a second time on most horizontal surfaces. This helped clean some of the darker boards, but I found that the old stain was removed during the first pass. After the brightening process, the wood looked brand new – it was really amazing considering how old my deck is. I also stained the pergola the same day as the prep. The next weekend I finished the stripping and brightening process, and completed the staining, with some areas being stained the same day as the prep. I used the RAD stain brush which made quick work of the main level of the deck. For the horizontal surfaces I applied two coats using the wet-on-wet method.

    We are really impressed with how everything worked and love the new look of our deck!
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    Dianne Magnani · 08/05/2018
    I have a 17 year old small cypress deck that had only been stained with semi-transparent oil based products. Originally with a Defy product recommended by the installer (done 2 or 3 times at several year intervals) and then a Benjamin Moore alkyd stain done at 2 year intervals. I've stripped it to bare wood and sanded almost every time. These products just didn't last and looked bad after a year. Even for a small deck this was a lot of work. I was just about ready to switch to Behr Semi-transparent stain, realizing I was going to have to strip again. I had even purchased it. For some reason I decided to read some reviews and stumbled onto your website where I spent more than an hour reading reviews and all the tips and comments. So sorry I didn't do my research first. (I have an unused gallon of Behr stain sitting in my basement that I will never use and can't take back!) I decided to take a chance on the RAD stripper, brightener, and light walnut stain - a big change since I have used redwood colors previously. (Sorry I didn't think to take a before picture. It was really awful looking!)

    The stipper and brightener are amazing products! I would do a testimonial about them to anyone. The wood came out amazingly clean and like new. (We did use a pressure washer and only had trouble with the planter boxes that are attached to the deck at the steps.) The day after stripping, we applied the 2 coats of stain to the spindles and railings and the following day to the flat surfaces. I was surprised by how easy it was and how terrific it looks. Have to say I love the light walnut color. The deck looks brand new. I really can't believe how good it is. It has rained several times in the week since I finished (after drying 36 hours) and the water just sits on top. I hope to be able to come back on your site next year to tell everyone how well it has held up over a northern Ohio winter. Thank you so much for all the information and advice on your website. I also talked to someone in sales and they were very helpful.
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    April Lee · 07/19/2018
    This photo did not post with original post
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    April Lee · 07/19/2018
    We used RAD products on a deck that we built 3 years ago using pressure treated lumber. This deck was built off of the second story of our home and has two levels, with stairs that connect with the lower yard. The floor surface is slightly under 600sft and about 300sft of handrails. Due to an unexpected loss in our family the deck was not stained (except posts) in the timeframe we had planned, so it has weathered over the last three years and was really dirty and starting to show signs of distress.
    We applied RAD cleaner and brightener on the same day and followed two days later with RAD stain, in light walnut. We applied the stain to entire handrails first (including spindles) with a sponge. 1 day later we applied 2 coats of stain to all floor boards using the brush we purchased from RAD.

    The results are outstanding! The deck looks better than new and all of our friends and family are very impressed with the results.
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    Sheila · 07/13/2018
    All I can say is WOW. We bought a house with a 13 yr old cedar deck and it looked awful. We were seriously thinking of replacing the whole deck with a composite, but after checking prices decided just to restore it. Amazing products, the stripper removed all the old semitransparent stain and after using the brightner it looked like new wood again. Totally amazed with the semitransparent stain color (light walnut) and the way it went on and dried so fast. Its is so hard now that chairs dragged do not scratch it. Thank you so much for making such a great product and saving us so much money!!!
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Erik · 07/10/2018
    Are we allowed to use a pressure washer?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Pstaring · 07/05/2018
    where do we upload our pictures for the content? What else do we have to do to register?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      RAD Products · 07/05/2018
      Click the phone icon in the comment box to upload the picture. The rest of the info is in the above article.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Gary · 06/09/2018
    My project was a deck last Stained 4 years ago. Some of the boards used then were previously used from another deck built elsewhere. Those boards were about 14 years old. I used RAD on this deck with Step 1,2 and 3 all in one day. ( AMAZING PRODUCT) Number 1 being the stripper. 1 and 2 left the boards looking like new and like a sponge for number 3. So easy . Highly recommend. Light walnut was color of the stain used.