Once you receive your DIY deck kit, you are ready to beautify your hard earned investment. These instructions will also be sent with your kit.

labels2aHere are the tools for the job: (available separately)

  • Two Gallon Pump Up Sprayer
  • Garden Hose With Pressure Spray Attachment
  • Wraparound protective eyewear and gloves
  • 5-gallon empty bucket
  • Stirring stick
  • Optional Equipment:
  • A Second Pump Sprayer (not necessary if you choose to rinse properly between steps)
  • Pressure Washer

You will receive two separate containers in your kit. One will be red labeled and marked Step 1 "Cleaner". The other will be blue labeled and marked Step 2 "Brightener". THESE TWO CONTAINERS ARE NOT TO BE MIXED


1) Put on your optional safety gear (protective eyewear, gloves, and mask) The chemicals in R-A-D are mild but can irritate those with sensitive skin. For liability reasons, we recommend always wearing safety gear.

2) Open the red labeled container marked "Professional Grade Cleaner"

3) Fill your 5-gallon bucket with warm water. Leave some space at the top to allow for foaming and stirring without spillage.

4) For aggressive cleaning or when mold growth is present, pour one red labeled container (Step-1) into the bucket and stir contents until dissolved. If you are going to reseal with the same sealer that is presently on the wood and there is no visible mold growth, you can use half of a container. This will yield milder cleaning action. On grayed wood always use full strength.

5) Prepare the area surrounding the deck by wetting all vegetation and soil generously. If you have landscaping directly under the deck, you may prefer to use plastic to cover. Though biodegradable and not harmful to soil Ph this cleaner may cause temporary browning of plant life. The plants regenerate in about four weeks but we understand this may not be desirable. Use your discretion. In our experience, keeping the vegetation wet with clean water prevents this from happening altogether.

6) Spray the entire surface to be cleaned with Restore-A-Deck cleaner. Apply generously.

Note: It is very important to keep the wood wet with solution. Work in small sections and go back and re-wet any sections that appear to be drying.

7) Let Restore-A-Deck dwell for 15 minutes (new construction or no previous sealer on wood) to 20 minutes (mold covered or previously sealed). Keep the solution wet by re-misting frequently. If the product dries, it is not working. You will see Restore-A-Deck cleaner's foaming action pulling the dirt from the wood fibers.

Note: While the product is dwelling, it is a good time to re-wet surrounding vegetation.

Note: Depending upon the level of care your deck needs, heavily grayed wood may need brushing especially if you are not using a pressure washer to rinse.


8) The rinsing process is critical. If you are comfortable using a pressure washer you may speed up your rinsing process by using one. Keep your tip at least 12 inches from the wood surface. If you are using a garden hose, set your hose attachment to the strongest setting and rinse slowly and thoroughly. Error on the side of caution. When you think you have rinsed the deck thoroughly, rinse it one last time.

9) As a final step rinse everything that has come in contact with the solution including siding, windows, or plant life. It may seem like overkill, but doing the job correctly should be your goal.

  • Any leftover cleaner can be used to clean sidewalks, vinyl siding, or lawn furniture.-


The deck brightening stage is where the magic begins to happen. You can also use the Restore-A-Deck brightener to brighten concrete.

Follow the same steps and mixing process as above using the blue labeled "Professional Grade Brightener" being sure the pump up sprayer you are using is clean. We recommend using two separate sprayers, one each for the cleaner and the brightener. You may use a single sprayer doing a triple rinse process making sure no cleaner remains in sprayer tank or hose.

Allow three consecutive and sunny 75+ degree days. You are now ready to apply the finish of your choice. We recommend using a high quality, oil-based, semi-transparent sealer for maximum durability.

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