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Prep for Maintenance Stain Coats or Unstained Wood.
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info buttonDesigned specifically for Exterior Wood and Composite Decking.

Restore-A-Deck cleaner is also available as a stand alone product. While we recommend using the cleaner as part of the two part R-A-D restoration system, decks that are not going to be sealed need not be pH balanced. In this instance, you can order just the cleaner portion of the kit.

This cleaner is also excellent for use as a concrete cleaner, patio furniture restorer or housewash. It will remove mold and mildew from concrete, brick or siding.

There is enough cleaner in a single 2 lb package to clean the average 25'x12' deck with rails and 3 steps. One jar is also enough for the average housewash or 750 square foot of walk or driveway.

Coverage is 600-800 sq.feet per container.

Restore-a-Deck Step 1 is a wood cleaner and preps stains for reapplication of a stain. It is not a stain stripper or remover of old stains. Please see Restore-A-Deck Stripper if you are trying to remove a semi-transaprent stain.

Available Sizes:
2 lb Container
Powder Concentrate:
1 Container  Makes 5 Gallons
Wood Deck Cleaner
Coverage Per Gallon:
100-200 sq. ft Per Gallon
Application Tools:
Sprayer, Stiff Brush
Neutralize: Yes
RAD Step 2


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    Jen · 06/05/2013

    I have a 3 year old deck that was re-stained/sealed last year. Now there is some black mold in spots. The stain itself is in good condition and I do not want to strip it. I only want to remove the mold and then re-seal it. My question is....after I use your cleaner, do I just wait a few days and then seal it? Since I'm not stripping away the stain, do I also need to use the brightner? And..your cleaner won't strip the stain color, right?

    THanks for your help!
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    RAD Products · 05/15/2013
    James, you can use the Restore A Deck products on cedar siding. It is possible that the drips may discolor the stain below the siding. Best to do it all at once of possible.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    James · 05/15/2013
    I am planning to strip, brighten and re-stain a cedar deck. The exterior siding above the deck is also cedar.

    1) Would the cleaner/brightener products also be recommended for rough sawn cedar siding?

    2) If I were to clean/brighten and restain the siding later this year, is there a possibility that either the cleaner or brightener would have any effect on the stain on the recently re-finished deck below (from the product(s) dripping down on the deck)

  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    RAD Products · 05/08/2013
    Best to strip it all and then brighten. No need for cleaner.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    dan · 05/08/2013
    Hi. I have a partially stained deck (literally only portions of a few boards, balusters, and rails on a 500 sq ft deck). Can I use the stripper only on the stained areas, and then use the cleaner everywhere else, and then proceed to using the brightener everywhere with good, even results? Or will the cleaner take care of it? It is pressure treated wood that, other than the few areas of stain, is stain free. The stain (Sherwin-Williams DeckScapes Exterior Waterborne Semi-Transparent Deck Stain) was applied two summers ago. Please advise. Thank you!

    -Dan (MI)
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    RAD Products · 05/02/2013
    It can be used on stone to clean dirt and grime.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Mary · 05/01/2013
    I see that cleaner can be used on concrete. Can the cleaner also be used on culture stone?


  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    RAD Products · 04/27/2013
    You cannot apply the cleaner through a pressure washer. It will not work effectively.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Dave P · 04/27/2013
    I would like to apply the cleaner and brightener with a pressure washer rather than a lawn and garden type sprayer. My washer as a low pressure nozzle for this type of application. Is this ok to do? and if yes can you recommend a concentration to mix the solutions too, since the pressure would dilute the solution further with the water supply.