Restore A Deck Stain Two TonedRestore-A-Deck Two-Toned Wood Deck Staining

Have you ever considered doing a Two-Toned Wood Deck? Two-toned decks have become increasingly popular in the last few years due to ease of future maintenance and having a unique two-color approach. A two-toned deck would have the Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain on the vertical railings and spindles and the deck floor or horizontal is stained with the Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain.

There are several advantages to using the Restore-A-Deck Stains for a two-toned deck:

  • The ability to blend the house paint color by choosing the Restore-A-Deck Solid Stain in one of the 5 pre-mixed colors.
  • The deck floor can then be stained with the Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Stain so it still has that natural wood appearance.
  • The RAD Solid Stain on vertical wood can last 4-8 years with minor touchups and cleaning.
  • The RAD Semi-Transparent Stain on flooring/horizontal wood can be cleaned and recoated as needed. Much easier for future maintenance.
  • All RAD Wood Stains can be applied the same day as the prep!

A properly done Restore-A-Deck Wood Stained two-tone deck can really add appeal and value to your property while at the same time, easing the maintenance frequency and difficulty of restaining down the road.

If you have any questions on using the Restore-A-Deck Wood stains for a two-toned deck, please ask in the comment area below.

Color Chart RAD Solid Stain

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    Janet · 05/19/2020
    We have a deck that is about 15 years old. We have stain/sealed it every few years.
    Its starting to show its age. We have cleaned then power washed the decking and some of the rails, thinking that is what we needed to do to prepare it and get rid of the red coloring from previous stain/sealers.

    Due to its age, we are looking at a solid stain.

    The comments have been very helpful and although I have read a number of them I still have a few questions:
    I see sanding recommended at times. Is that recommended only for removing flaking paint?
    Since we have cleaned and stained and plan to use a solid stain, is the brightener recommended/needed?
    In regard to the railings or vertical surfaces, from what I have read, its seems as if so long as its intact, we can just use the solid stain product without removing the rest of the stain, is that right?
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      RAD Products · 05/19/2020
      Pressure wash first and then sand to remove any peeling stain. Brightener is not needed here. You can cover intact stain with the solid stain.
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    Chris B · 05/12/2020
    We have grey vinyl siding and are about a day away from finishing a complete redo and expansion of our deck. Previous owner neglected it and then tried to put acrylic over the old one and it rotted and decayed badly. We had the fence redone last year and deck this year in all cedar. We used black aluminum spindles as well. If I wanted to go two tone with the grey solid on the verticals what semi-transparent do you think would yo wel with the grey? Also on the fence would I do the grey on the posts and semi-transparent on the panels to match or just do semi-transparent all around. I know colors are a personal preference thing but as the experts I value your opinion. I added a photo. There’s still some more railings and top caps and such to finish up.
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    A. Crusha · 05/07/2020
    If you want a two tone deck and use Cyprus as the solid stain for the rails ..what do you suggest as the semi transparent stain for the floors? Cedar or Light Walnut?
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    LR · 05/01/2020
    Our deck is pressure treated pine. It has a light old stain applied, no solid or semi-transparent product previously applied. The deck is raised with the underside of the wood exposed which has never been painted.

    We are planning on a two color application with grey for the deck and white for the post. What would you recommend for the underside of the deck?
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    Mario · 04/21/2020
    I have an old deck attached to a new deck ( installed in June). I want to stain both decks the same color (old deck is redish). I want to go with coastal grey for both decks. Do i need to prime the old deck to get a uniform color on both decks?
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    Chris · 10/18/2019
    I need to refinish the upright posts and pergola over our two-toned deck. The posts and pergola are stained white (brand unknown) - the stain has worn off in some areas, especially on the top of the pergola, and there is mold that needs to be cleaned off. What should I do to prep the wood before applying a new coat of white solid stain?
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      RAD Products · 10/18/2019
      Use the RAD Cleaner and pressure washing to remove the loose stain and mildew. You can then cover the rest with the new solid stain coating.
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    Joy Little · 10/03/2019
    Deck has solid stain on it now. Would it be possible to go to semi transparent stain? How much prep would that entail?
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      RAD Products · 10/03/2019
      You would have to sand off the solid stain fully if you want to go to a semi-transparent stain.
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    barbara · 08/24/2019
    On 2 tone deck, which do you do first - deck or rails?
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    Zita · 08/20/2019
    I am refinishing a badly neglected deck and would appreciate any suggestions as to how to bring together various colors on my house, deck, and steps. The siding has a reddish/pink tone, the deck is redwood, the deck ceiling is a honey color (not sure what type of wood), and deck stairs have been replaced with pressure treated wood. I would like to use semitransparent stain on the deck.
    Thank you.
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    Marv Boggs · 07/12/2019
    I'll also be doing a two-tone deck (re-coating an old cedar deck after stripping/cleaning) using Brown Oak and Desert Taupe solid colors. Q: I want to do the floor perimeter in BO, with the inside deck area done in DT. I'll need to tape the edges so they butt up against each other with a clean line. How long should I let the first color--probably the BO, dry (after coating twice) before taping over with the edge when doing the inside color with DT?
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    Marv Boggs · 07/12/2019
    Can I use texture additive material with restore-a-deck solid color to better provide traction on my cedar deck steps?
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      RAD Products · 07/12/2019
      Yes as long as you do two coats and use it in the second coat.
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    Lavergne zaleski · 05/31/2019
    I want the solid on the railings but would like a sheene
    also because I been told that I will also do a solid stain on the deck
    because the deck was painted the sold stain before,and can’t use a
    semi transport stain.
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      RAD Products · 06/01/2019
      You cannot have a sheen with a deck stain. It will peel and blister. The RAD Solid Stain is a Matte shine.
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    Jamie · 05/02/2019
    Is there a guide for achieving the two-toned effect. I have a relatively small deck, but I would like to use restore a deck products to achieve this in the next few weeks, as soon as weather permits.
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      RAD Products · 05/02/2019
      The above article would be the guide. Verticals are solid stain and the horizontals are the semi-transparent. Directions on how to apply each stain are on each container plus numerous how-to articles on this website.