In choosing RAD products for your deck restoration or maintenance needs you know you will be getting the best deck prep possible prior to staining. Cleaning and staining a deck is only problematic when you do not use the right products. It truly comes down to using the best cleaners for a smooth flowing project that will end with great results. RAD products will bring life back to your deck and safe you money. RAD products are concentrated powder formulas that save you big on shipping costs compared to heavy and bulky premixed water based cleaners.

The powder formula of RAD wood cleaner, brightener, and stripper are designed to be mixed on site. Once mixed these products are easy to apply using a pump sprayer. The best way to use a pump sprayer with RAD products is to mix them in a bucket first. This will confirm you get a properly dissolved and blended mix prior to transferring to a pump sprayer. This will also help dramatically reduce clogging while applying RAD products through a spray nozzle device. Using a sprayer will increase your speed and efficiency during application. During prolonged times of spraying it helps to lightly shake or swirl the pump sprayer to keep the products blended through out the application process.

Always wear protective gear like gloves and safety glasses while mixing RAD products. Transfer mixed solutions into the sprayer in a safe area like on a tarp or plastic to catch any spills. If you need to refill the pump sprayer with RAD products be sure all of the compressed air is released from the sprayer prior to opening. Clean the sprayer thoroughly with fresh water by rinsing it out and also spraying water through the nozzle. This will prolong the life of your sprayer so you can use it once deck maintenance is required again down the road.

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    Bob · 07/25/2022
    If I use a garden sprayer to apply the stain, do I need to brush the stain into the boards after applying with sprayer? Which method (sprayer, brush, pad) uses the least about of stain? I think I have enough stain but I want to make sure I get the most out of it if I dont. Thanks. 
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      RAD Products · 07/26/2022
      Brushes and stain pads will not waste stain like a sprayer. Back brush after spray to ensure an even application as needed. 
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    Rollo · 07/10/2022
    can you spray on the stain?
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    Marki · 08/23/2020
    how long do the cleaners and brighteners remain effective after being mixed with water?
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      RAD Products · 08/23/2020
      The brightener does not go bad once mixed but the cleaner will need to be used the same day once mixed.