The line of RAD (Restore-A-Deck) products are the most effective and efficient means of prepping a deck during restoration and maintenance. These highly concentrated powdered formulas are designed to be mixed on site. This equates to a huge savings in shipping costs compared to heavy premixed water based cleaners. Always mix RAD products like the wood cleaner, brightener, and stripper according to the directions on the container.


Many people wonder how long do RAD products last once mixed. The RAD products like the brightener and stripper do not have an active shelf life and will not deteriorate or weaken during prolonged storage. The Restore-A-Deck cleaner once mixed with water does have an active shelf life and cannot be used at a later date. Once mixed, the RAD cleaner should be used within a few hours.

Because the RAD Cleaner (once mixed) is not effective after a few hours, it is best to only mix up and use as much as you need. Be sure to read the mixing instructions for the amount of solution and concentration you need for the square footage necessary. Try not to mix more product than you need, in fact it is better to have to mix up more RAD solution than to mix excess product that is not going to be used.

If you purchase a kit and have leftover RAD products in powdered form, you can store and use during your next deck maintenance date. There is no shelf life on the RAD products in powder form. RAD products are designed and sold to best help homeowners looking to save money and get great results on do-it-yourself wood maintenance projects.

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    Bob · 10/27/2021
    Does the cleaner or brightener affect painted trim around the deck?
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    Ethan in Atlanta · 05/31/2020
    The solution of RAD stripper, additive and gel are good for 12-24months after it's all mixed and added to a pump sprayer? Is that accurate?
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    Kay · 10/29/2019
    I hired a team to clean & brighten my fence using the RAD products. They will stain the fence once it dries. Would you please tell me if they rinsed the fence well enough after the brightener? I'm thinking I need to rinse it better - by the time I do so, about 21 hours will have passed since they first rinsed off the brightener. Is that OK? 3 photos attached, to show how the fence is drying - do I need to rinse only the areas that are drying differently (like these photos)? Thank you! I'm a first time user of RAD, need coaching
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      RAD Products · 10/29/2019
      The white you are seeing is oxidation of the wood that they did not fully remove when they used the Cleaner. It does not have anything to do with the Brightener. More then likely you will not see this anyhow when stained as it darkens in color.
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    Susan · 05/30/2019
    Shelf life of mixed stripper?
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    RAD Products · 08/31/2017
    Deck John:
    How long will the brightener last once mixed? 24 hrs?

    The Step 2 Brightener does not have a shelf life. Will last years after being mixed as long as it does not freeze. The Step 1 Cleaner does have an active life of a few hours after being mixed.
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    Deck John · 08/31/2017
    How long will the brightener last once mixed? 24 hrs?