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When using wood restoration and maintenance products like the line of RAD (Restore-A-Deck) cleaners it is important to know how to apply them. One way to apply RAD products like the wood cleaner, wood brightener, or stain stripper is by the use of a pump sprayer. When using a pump sprayer for application be sure to premix the solution in a bucket first before transferring to the sprayer. This will help ensure proper blending.

Cleaning wood is not rocket science but it does require a little knowledge of the products and methods available. If you are going to restore your own deck then you will certainly be using a wood deck cleaner. There are several types of cleaners out there but the two basic and most commonly used ones are sodium percarbonate cleaners and bleach-based cleaners. There are pros and cons to each type.

Restore-A-Deck (RAD) products are specifically designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner wanting to get professional results. The RAD products were formulated by professional woodcare experts. This easy to use two-step system will make the job of bringing your deck back to life easier and quicker. The RAD products were designed to use with a simple deck brush and garden hose for homeowners whom do not have a pressure washer. A deck brush used with these products will get rid of gray wood fibers, mold, mildew and dirt. With that said if you do have access to a pressure washer it can have great advantages to using with RAD products.

If you do not own a pressure washer you can rent one from a local hardware center. Try to get the one with the highest GPM (gallons per minute). The higher the GPM the faster you will be able to wash. The pressure is not as crucial since you should not clean wood with high pressure anyway. Excessive pressure can cause serious damage to your deck. Damage can differ from raised grain and splinters to wand marks that will show up even more after staining.

Restore A Deck Products Near MeDeck maintenance is the key to prolonging a deck’s structural integrity and overall appearance. It is well known that a wooden deck has to be cleaned and sealed every couple of years to deflect the major causes of water and UV damage that would otherwise occur. Board warping, cracking, splitting, UV fading, discoloring, and mold infiltration are just some of the major damaging effects that unprotected wood is subjected to.

Before now you could only purchase a wood cleaner to clean common dirt, grime, and mold from a deck surface. You would then have to purchase separately a wood brightener to level the pH of the wood and open the wood pores to prepare them for a coat of deck stain. Because of this hassle, many people would simply skip the all-important brightening step, which unknowingly, would cause the deck stain to fail prematurely. A lack of proper deck prepping is the number one reason a deck stain or sealer fails prematurely. The wood professionals, to get the most performance from a deck stain use this 2-step restoration method.

In choosing RAD products for your deck restoration or maintenance needs you know you will be getting the best deck prep possible prior to staining. Cleaning and staining a deck is only problematic when you do not use the right products. It truly comes down to using the best cleaners for a smooth flowing project that will end with great results. RAD products will bring life back to your deck and safe you money. RAD products are concentrated powder formulas that save you big on shipping costs compared to heavy and bulky premixed water based cleaners.

Here is a great review and testimonial by one of our customers:

I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with your Restore A Deck kit. My deck was neglected for 7 years prior to me using your product kit. It made my deck boards look almost new again. I used it in conjunction with Armstrong Clarke stain and I have a great finished product. I have a home repairs and upgrades YouTube channel called TightWadRepairs. I recorded a video of me using your product to share with others and lately it has become pretty popular with over 20,000 views and 99% positive feedback. You are welcome to add a link to my video on your site if you wish.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Ben Palmer


Strip and Brighten? What is Best Prep?

When it comes to deck restoration and maintenance it is important to know that in order to get good results the wood must be prepped correctly. When a deck stain fails prematurely it can normally be associated with incorrect or lack of wood prep work prior to the stain being applied. Any research on deck restoration will reveal that you need to remove any old failing coatings prior to applying a new stain. You might see the words strip and brighten. So what is the best prep? Strip or brighten?

Actually, both are necessary to get good results. To explain, stripping or using a stain stripper is the method of using a stripping agent during the cleaning process. This is typically done with the aid of a pressure washer. A stripper will emulsify old coatings making them easier to remove with the washer. This will reveal bare clean wood, which will make the best surface possible for the new deck stain.

RAD STRIPPERdefaultDuring deck or wood maintenance it is important to prep the wood correctly so the new stain you apply can perform as expected. Any old failing stain that may be left on the wood may end up causing the new stain to peel, flake, and fail prematurely. There is no need to hinder the performance of a new deck stain by leaving remnants of old stain on the wood surface. This is easily remedied by using a deck stain stripper during the cleaning and prepping process. Today there is a product that is user-friendly that homeowners can use to get professional like results when it comes to prepping a deck.

If an old failing stain is present the use of a stain stripper will help to emulsify the stain so it can be washed away using a pressure washer or stiff brush. The first and only powdered concentrated deck stain stripper, designed to be injected through a pressure washer is Restore-A-Deck Stripper. Reviews have indicated that this product can also be applied in higher concentrations if necessary by the means of a pump up sprayer.

RAD KITSdefaultRestore A Deck Kits Review

In the past, cleaning and prepping a wood surface was difficult. With any research, you may have found information about cleaners, strippers, brighteners, and neutralizers. This can be confusing for anybody but it is also necessary for getting good results. After all, the number one reason a new deck stain fails prematurely is because the wood was not prepped correctly if at all. No deck stain no matter how expensive it is will hold up and perform as expected if it is applied to a wood surface that was not prepared properly.

Today Restore A Deck Kits are available to homeowners. These kits contain the necessary two-step process cleaner and brightener making deck prepping a breeze. The RAD Kits come with the step one wood cleaner. This is can be used with a pressure washer to remove contaminants like dirt, grime, and wood graying as well as some failing deck stains. This will provide a clean surface of bare wood for the new deck stain to penetrate or adhere to.

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